Saturday, February 6, 2016

My Foray into Romance Novels

I think a lot of young readers get their first taste of romance or smutty novels by bellyflopping on accident instead of dipping their toe in.

Like they found a stack of their older sibling's or parent's romance novels under the bed and they stared in shock as Remington thrusted magnificently into Claudette with his quivering member as she quakes with the emotion and feeling.

I am a millennial, my bellyflop was my own fault.

I was 12, and I had owned my Nook (the original Nook you guys, like first edition. No Netflix on this bitch) for a couple months at this point and I was constantly looking for more books to get. Searching, I came across a book called Too Good To Be True by Kristan Higgins. I had no idea that I was about to encounter... the sex.

Except I did not receive warning

I bought the book because the main character's name was Grace. And my name (at the time) was Gracie. In books that I read, there were hardly any characters with my name (FYI Grace is a fairly common romance novel protagonist name, while Owyn- for girls- is not).

So I'm reading the book. Enjoying it (refreshed review to come later). And I like the fact there's swearing and more adult stuff because I am a 12-year-old Mature Adult(TMand I can handle this shit.

And then there's the sex scene. You can imagine my Puritanical shock.

But you know I of course read the whole thing. It was rad.

Years later, my romance novels stuck to the teen and young adult variety, which severely lacks in vague sex scenes much less erotica (but probably for good reason whatever) and I never really returned to reading more of Higgins stuff.

Then, the Boulder Book Store (which I worked at for four summers wow) received used copies of Nora Roberts' Wedding Quartet series (review also to come but much sooner) and I had heard about her on CBS Sunday Morning and I had never read THE Nora Roberts before and I was intrigued so eventually I just bought the first one.

And I was addicted.

Now, at my college's bookstore where I work now, I'm actually in charge of the romance and I'm constantly trying to learn more about the genre and I love it. 

Basically, the moral of the story is accidentally read smut when you're 12 and it will work its way into your career.

This will explain all the romance novel reviews that are to come.

Have a good one!


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